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New product updates

First, we want to apologize taking so long to post a reveal of our latest product. We let you know we were working on something & soon would let you know what it was & where you could find it, but we admit, we fell down on the reveal. All we can say is sorry & we’re sure it’ll happen again at some point. We won’t lie, life gets in the way sometimes. So enough of that, time to reveal our latest products.

Our first product we are calling Relinquish Wonder Soap. It is a concentrated laundry detergent that has just been blowing us away with how well it works. It is super strong & yet delicate enough to wash baby clothes with. Just a single tablespoon is all it takes to do 1 load of laundry. On quart jar can do about 60 loads, & includes a tablespoon size scoop. That makes this $6.00 jar come out to 10¢ per load. Don’t want a quart jar? It’s also available in pint jar size for $4.00 but does not include a scoop. That’s only 14¢ per load.

Our second product we teased about a while ago on our Facebook page. It is our Shea butter & coconut oil based shave butter scented with peppermint & frankincense essential oil. It doesn’t lather like a regular shave cream, but you don’t need lather for it to work. We also highly doubt you’ll need any moisturizer after shaving. Best of all, it only takes between pea & quarter size amount depending on if you’re shaving your face or your legs.

Where can you find these? Until our web store is put back up there’s only one place these are readily available for purchase. That is Yogacorefit in Vacaville CA

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