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Relinquish Magnesium/MSM, or as it is affectionately called within the Relinquish family “Magic Spray”, is a great way to promote skin, muscle, & joint health. With the most recent estimates saying that about 80% of Americans are Magnesium deficient & conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, brittle hair & nails, depression, & slow healing (just to name a few) all being signs of a deficiency in one or both Magnesium & sulfur (MSM), what better way to boost your system than with a product designed for your body to absorb these precious minerals?

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Relinquish Magnesium/MSM Spray is one of our favorite products. Second only to Relinquish Shea Butter Magnesium/MSM Cream. Like the cream, it is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment, illness, or affliction, that doesn’t stop us from using it. The human body NEEDS Magnesium & Sulfur. Yes, you can take them as oral supplements, but due to absorption rates, most of what you “take” you also excrete in one way or another. Transdermal absorption means your body can absorb much more without having the embarrassing side effects of large doses of oral Magnesium (keep the toilet paper stocked up if you’re going to take doses that high).

Some benefits you may experience using Relinquish Magnesium/MSM Spray include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Fading of scars
  • Fading of stretch marks
  • More energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Reduced pain
  • Healthier hair & nails
  • Faster healing of wounds & bruises

Today’s medicine uses Magnesium & MSM to treat everything from acne to diabetes, from headaches to ADHD, from insomnia to Alzheimer’s, from increased healing to regulating blood pressure. We aren’t saying use this to treat any of those, but we do know that, other than a few rare cases & conditions, increasing your intake can only benefit.

Remember, we ARE NOT doctors & should NEVER be considered a substitute for your doctor or pharmacist. However, we do know that all of the ingredients in this product are natural, have been used for centuries in various forms, & are still used in many leading products today. We also know that, unlike the leading products, this contains NO harmful chemicals, fillers, or man made ingredients.

Recommended usage:

A little goes a long way. It is difficult to say how much to use, though, since every case is different & every person will have different needs. We suggest starting out light as it is easy to apply more, but a waste if too much is used. Since the body will excrete any unused Magnesium every 24 hours & unused Sulfur every 12 hours, we recommend using this at least 2x a day.

When using Magnesium Oil Spray, such as this, it is not uncommon to experience a slight tingle, itchy, or stinging sensation. Though it is not usually painful, some may find it irritating. Though safe to use on children, this sensation may be more unpleasant for them as they tend to have more sensitive skin. We recommend mixing this into your child’s favorite lotion or using Relinquish Shea Butter Magnesium/MSM Cream. This feeling may be worse on some body parts than others but should fade with regular usage. While this is safe to use on the face, avoid getting it in your eyes & the inside of the nose. Also, if using this on open wounds to increase healing speed, you may experience an intense burning sensation similar to pouring rubbing alcohol into an open wound.

Relinquish Magnesium/MSM Spray contains:

Magnesium oil (Magnesium Chloride & Distilled Water), MSM (Organic Sulfur), Essential Oils*

*varies based on which scent you purchase & unscented contains no essential oils

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