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Vanden High School Craft Fair

Tonight we are doing our final preparations for tomorrow’s craft fair for Vanden High School’s Craft Fair to support their sober grad night. From 9-2 you can find us, and all our great products at 5063 Maple St in Vacaville. You want bath bombs, we got that covered. Maybe you want some toilet bombs, yep, we got that. You want lotion bars, we got that, too. We will also be revealing what our newest item is. We left it up to you to vote for it on Facebook, now you get to find out which it was. Was it a Magnesium oil & MSM spray? Maybe it was a Magnesium & MSM Shea butter lotion. Or was it an all natural makeup remover? Come see us tomorrow and find out.

Give in. Relax. Relinquish.

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